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3rder App Review

Up to now, there have been all kinds of dating apps online. Every dating app has its special features and functions. Which one should be chosen really makes us confused. Today, I will introduce an amazing dating app called 3rder to you, maybe most of you have heard of it. It is really a wonderful app for people to hook up with threesome. Actually, 3rder is a three way dating app serving for people around the world, such as America, Australia, Canada, Britain and so on. Here are many threesome couples and singles on 3rder. If you want to live a swinger lifestyle and develop a long-term 3-way relationship without any responsibilities, believe me, 3rder is the most gorgeous dating app that deserve you to own.


In order to give users a good threesome hookup experience, 3rder's features’ functions are very detailed and each feature is very easy to operate. Considering the economy of each user is different, it launched three different VIP packages. The first one is a one-month package, only ¥9.9, the second is a three-month package, only ¥24.99, the third is a six-month package, only ¥39.99, but most people choose a six-month package, because by comparison, the average is the cheapest every month.

Editor's Verdict:

Many people register 3rder every day, and its reputation is well-known in the threesome dating apps industry. Anyone who has used it knows that 3rdr is a safe private anonymous community that offers exciting 3some services for men and women. Unlike other similar three way apps, 3rder has its own professional technical team and user database, which never provides any user's personal information to third parties. User information, including your emails, photos, addresses, etc., is well protected on this platform. When you use 3rder, you will feel very safe, don't need to worry that your privacy will be leaked or stolen.

In addition, 3rder is a big family, which brings singles and couples who are interested in threesome around the world together. Here, 3rder advocates equality and non-discrimination, including whether you are single or married, no matter what your religious beliefs are or what your race is, whether your sexual orientation is male or female, you should get the same treated.

The operation of 3rder is very simple. It has six main parts and they are very interesting.
The first part is called Qickmatch, where you can see the newly registered users, the old users of 3rdr and the people nearby. If you like them you can click Favorite, if you want to chat with them you can click Message.
The second part is called Massage. This is a special chat room where you can talk freely with your tinder threesome friends.
The third part is called Moment, where you can see the life dynamics of your 3way friends. You can leave a message or like them.
The fourth part is called Events, where you can see who liked you or who has viewed your profile and so on.
The fifth part is called Connections, where you can see who has viewed you or who favorited you and you can also see your favorites.
The sixth part is called History. This feature is similar to Events. It is used to save records, so that you can see who you have matched before, who you liked and who liked you, and if you don’t want to receive someone’s messages, you can blacklist him or her here.

In this fast-paced society, the way people interact with each other has changed dramatically. Previously, when you wanted to date with someone, you might go to the bar and order a few bottles of wine, waiting for the right threesome swinger to appear. But now, you can stay at home, relax in bed, just need a mobile phone, you can reach your ideal threeway woman. So, the apps that change the way we make friends are threesome dating apps, especially 3rder, a professional 3way dating app that offers more and more 3way couples with higher quality.

I hope everyone who uses 3rder will like this threesome hookup app more and more. I also hope that our 3rder can do better and better, serve more 3way people, and make them have different swinger life styles.

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