Free Dating Tips to Impress Your Girl: Compared to the ancient times, the setting up of dates has become quite simple now. There are online dating applications that do most of the work and provides free dating tips also there are friends who set up their friends on a blind date and you never know how that could turn out.

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How To Impress a Girl on the First Date?

Even if the person is super confident in his daily routine, there are very high chances that they may be nervous on their first date. Here are a few tips for the gives who have been on a date and are nervous for their first one and also for them who have an experience but are still nervous. It is not as hard as it seems.

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Calling over texting – Fee Dating Tips

It is very important for you to call your date rather than texting them and planning your date. Texting someone whom you have not met will not create a connection that is very useful when you both first meet. When you are discussing the place you two should meet, do it over the phone, the time and the day, everything over the phone. But make sure, you do not annoy them by calling continuously for every little thing. A reasonable phone call to discuss the details is okay.

Suggesting an activity

This is one of the most tedious jobs that have to be done by the guy if he has asked the girl out. Going out for dinner would be too old and going for bowling would be too childish. If you want to plan something out, plan something that is recently going on. Plan a Netflix evening where you both can binge watch your favorite show over nachos and salsa. You can also watch cricket matches or football matches if sports are a common interest.

Pick up your date

Chivalry is not outdated yet. Picking up your date is still counted as a brownie point and a sense of respect for the female counterpart. You may not want them to drive through the traffic and reach to you tired and out of the good mood. It is not necessary to have a fancy car or a seat full of roses but a well-maintained car and a room free of cigarette smell and alcohol bottles would do the trick.

Maintain the eye contact

Body language which is also known as the non-verbal communication plays a great role when you are out on your first date. There are certain signs that prove that you are disinterested and certain signs that really show you are liking the conversation and paying attention to it. Various types of body language such as leaning forward while they speak but not so much that you appear creepy, maintaining eye contact while they speak and responding instead of reacting are of great help.

Praise yourselves a bit

Talking only about yourself will make an impression of an over smart person which not many girls like and not doing it at all will make the conversation boring and give out an impression of you being submissive to some girls. Always make sure that you mention the achievements. You can start with something extraordinary that you have done that day and slowly walk towards the achievements of the month and then to your teenage where you scaled mountains and did river rafting.

Ask questions

This is a very important tip because it makes the conversation interesting, prevents abrupt silences and shows that you are interested. You can ask questions about what she is already talking about. It is not recommended to ask about the characters in the incident but about the experience, she had in that incident. You can also ask questions which are not creepy but keep the conversation going. Make sure you ask the right questions at the right time because if you ask the wrong ones, she may not take it in a very good manner and your reputation could be spoiled.

Appreciate and acknowledge

Acknowledgment is the first and the foremost thing that you should learn while you are on a date or while having any conversation. This prevents any kind of miscommunication between the two parties. But, acknowledge only if you have heard them well and understood. If not, ask a question. Also, make sure you appreciate and compliment how your date presents herself that night. Do not be too flattery because it will look like you have ulterior motives and would repel your date.


Going on a first date is same as having a perfect communication. Any kind of communication gap will lead to a disastrous lunch or a night. Also, make sure you are your natural self because she would not like the changed you when you come to your natural self if it goes to the third or a fourth date. Make sure to keep in mind these free dating tips to make your first date successful. 🙂