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Tinder App Review

Nowadays, more and more dating apps are appearing in front of people, but the only one that impresses people the most is a hookup app called Tinder. Maybe you are using this hookup app to have one night dating with someone. It is the best one in dating apps, so It has attracted worldwide attention. Tinder is constantly making progress, constantly saying that “Could not have achieved, then could not think”. If you need a one night hookup relationship or other kind of relationships, Tinder, as the best hookup app in the world, will be happy to serve you.



Tinder's charges are also very reasonable. There are three kinds of packages available for one night users to choose from. The first one is ¥29.99 for one month, and the second one is ¥112.99 for six months. On average, it costs only 18.83 per month. The third one is ¥149.99 for 12 months, and the average is only ¥12.50 per month. So, by comparison, the 12-month package is the cheapest one. This is why most people choose a 12-month package. If you have spare money, I really recommend you to choose the 12-month package. Top Features:

Editor's Verdict:

Tinder has only two features and it is the easiest to operate than other dating apps. These two features, one called Matches and one called Messages. Matches, as the name suggests, are used to find the right one night person for you. If you like this person, you can swipe to the right. If this person likes you too, then you will get a match. If you don't like this person, you can swipe left, then this person will be passed by you. When you get a match, you can send messages to each other. There is a filter in Matches, you can narrow the range of your choice by setting the distance or age, habit, hobby, height, etc. to make your match more accurate. You can view this person's personal information by swiping up. In contrast, swipe down to turn off the person's information. In the profile you can scan photos of 6 people and you can mark them as the persons you liked very much.

Another feature is called Messages. Here you can see the messages you sent and the messages you received. If you don't want to be harassed by too many people, you can make yourself a shadow. There is a button in Tinder which can make you not be displayed, you just need to click the button and you will not appear in the photos, others will not find you. This way you can concentrate on chatting with only the people you match without being bothered.

If you want more permissions, you can join Tinder Gold. When you upgrade to Tinder Gold, you can see who liked you, then among the many people who liked you, you can choose a favorite to match. Second, you can slide unrestrictedly and like others without restrictions. Third, you can filter your hookup date based on your own requirements, such as age, gender, height, hobbies, nationality, etc. Fourth, you can find one night people who have been passed by you. Fifth, there is no advertising intervention. These privileges are really worth you to join Tinder Gold.

In short, Tinder is doing its best to serve its users as the number one dating app in the industry. If you are still struggling with the choice of which app to use, then look for Tinder now, a professional dating app that provides one night dating, friends with benefits date and no strings attached date, casual hookup, homosexuality, etc. The dating platform will bring you a new hookup experience like never before.

Moreover, now Tinder has become another home for most one night people. Here, they have no troubles, only casual hookup joy. Here they make friends with some like-minded people and talk to each other about their happiness and sadness. People who are inferior here can live more confidently, and those who are melancholy can live more cheerfully, and those who are bound can live more handsomely. Do you envy such an online dating life? If you are envious, please join us soon.

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