Online Dating Tips For Men: So your profile is ready and you are all ready to start dating. Your dating profile looks all ready now and hey! There’s a girl and you really want to date her. Are you nervous? It’s okay we got you covered! This tips are going to score you a date.

Dating Tips For Men

Here are 10 tips to help you ace that date like a boss!

Don’t move too quick

When you meet a girl or women she is already in a critical situation thinking that the man on the other side could be a fake profile. Trust me! This happens. Talk to the girl as much before you set a real date. Get to know her. Every person’s story is different. Try to know about her past and future plans.

Make her build up trust in you that you are a genuine man and not some creep who would just like to get physical. Tell her that you actually care about her and make her feel safe. You can often ask her, how did you spend your day and questions like that. After you think she is comfortable ask her out on a real date. If she says yes. Bingo! Get ready.

Be super-honest from the very beginning

Don’t brag! It is going to be a huge negative point and might even push your lady away. Trek her about your achievements, career planning and your dreams. But don’t brag! You are either find be left out or be a laughing stock. Girls have a squad and they are always there with her. Be simple yet classy. It is very attractive for girls! If you are rich don’t start showing off your money.

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If you go out on a date and she insists on splitting the big. Do it! Be honest about your past. You don’t want any kind of problems to spring up and questions being asked such as, “Why didn’t you tell this to me before??” Kindness and an open nature is truly a hot factor for all the ladies.


As the quotation says you can never be fully dressed without a smile, it should be implied also. Girls like it when boys flash their smile instead of frowning or looking away. It is really a huge drawback when guys don’t smile on their photos. If you wants to know How to make your first date successful?

Candid through your DSLR is classy but that cheeky smile with that super cute dimple is a major turn on! Simple photographs should be put on your display photo and not photos which does that you are a super hot person who just spends his whole day in the gym. Even when you go out on your first date, try to smile to hide that nervousness!

Say something!

Never reply a girl with hmm and ok, your girl out there will get bored. Be interesting, be quirky or be funny! The thing is to be too original and do the talking. Ask questions and don’t just sit silently sending heart, emoji and wink.

When you take a girl out on a date have a  place planned out in your mind and don’t be like, “Oh! I have no idea!.” You won’t look a guy with swag but a guy who is clueless. Ask her about her interests and take her to a place where she will most likely enjoy and won’t get bored. And most of all… Do the talking!

Converse in a good taste

Never start a conversation with “Hey! Hottie”. The girl out there had enough of that already and she is not interested in it. Rather keep talking and at the end of the day say things like, it was nice talking to you. Tell her that she a beautiful heart and she would really make someone very happy someday. Most of the girls are not at all interested in flings and dream of a long-term relationship. After you have talked for a while and you really like her then only ask her out.

Dare to say the truth

Imagine you are talking to a girl. At first it’s all fun and games. But after few days you realize she is not the one. She stood replying to your texts and even you don’t know what to say.

Stop! If you think it isn’t working, tell her. Never leave a girl hanging. You have not committed to her yet! Don’t keep her on hold and flirt with other girls. In a way, don’t be s fuck boy.

Never leave a girl hanging. It’s going to her hurt her later. And if you just keep dragging the relation it is only giving her false hopes. Tell her beforehand and be friends. So that both of you can move on quickly.

Be sure!

Be sure for what you are looking for. Don’t tell anyone that you are looking for a long-term relationship and started having multiple flings.

That not a hotness factor rather it is a dumbness factor. Don’t just start looking for someone. Have some factors determined. Be sure what you want in a girl. Not just physical factors but also beliefs.

There are clashes later on certain things so keep your list ready…. If you attempt a personality test, attempt it with full truthfulness.

Be personal

A simple compliment is more effective that a simple hi. Ask out questions that is going to be helpful for the future. Get to know each other as much as you can. Even questions like favourite colour, favourite food, past stories, childhood memories can be helpful.

Talk about work or the most exciting recent event. It can be anything as long as the conversation is going good! Don’t bore yourself. Let her also ask something. Converse add you would do in real life.

Chase game

Girls there receive thousands of message so have to be different. Do the chase game but remember she might be better at it. Make her realize that you don’t want just any girl in the world. Do something that makes her message you first. But if you continue the chase game for long she is likely going to think that you are messaging and flirting with her girls (after all you are on a dating site) and you take her casually. When women see that you do not flirt with every girl and actually have something in your mind, that is going to be a classy factor.

Turn off your phone

Now you both decide to meet in person. You have decided for a classy date and everything is just perfect. Your girl comes looking more sexy than ever. You are sitting over there having dinner and then your phone rings after every two minutes. A message or call. It is only to make you special lady suspicious. It is very uncomfortable for both the parties. If you give your cell phone more priority then it is going to give the lady a message that the call or message is more important and she doesn’t ever matter.

Final Words

Should I text first? Is it the right time to ask out? What is she thinking? Should I hold her hand? These are done of the questions which run through a guy’s mind when he goes out for his date. It’s okay! Boys… You are not alone. Here we have discussed quick tips covered for you.